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Diverse and Inclusive



Owned and operated by people with ASD and members of the LGBTi+ community,  Giddy Up. Coffee, Has now found a new home in Brooklyn Victoria after many good years servicing the people of Bundoora and surrounds. 


Our intention is to trade around the Mcivor Reserve to provide Coffee & Cafe style food to the dog walkers and many people we know within the Yarraville area.

At Giddy Up we “choose to make  good coffee, so we have accumulated our collective knowledge and traveled far and wide to bring you beautiful coffee with a story behind it. We know our provenance, where it comes from and why it's been chosen. Because anything good comes from within those who want it too. 


We are registered for trading at Class 2 food van and are completely self sufficient and meet current  food van standards.

The Story of Giddy Up Coffee is the most interesting part of it all, Run by Neurodiverse and LGBTI+ community members. After multiple  & many career changes I made a choice to go be my own boss and do something that I love that brings community and locals together by talking to people and providing a service. 

 If you are anything like us, you love your coffee. It doesn't matter if you drink lattes or prefer it black, our Grindhog Day blend has you covered. 

Coffee is one of those great products that remind us of how important the simple things in life are.

So while you enjoy your cup of freshly ground, fair trade coffee, consider this -

For every Kg of coffee you purchase, IOGN donates $8 to Foodbank Victoria,  

To put this in perspective, that's 16 meals created for people suffering from food insecurity. 

So no matter if you buy 250g, 500g, 1kg, or more, you are helping out someone who really needs it, and in the current situation, that person may actually be your neighbour.

Steve and Sallie found themselves at a crossroads,
wondering how to add value to their Jersey milk, produce
it sustainably, and support struggling farmers.

Gippsland Jersey was founded as a solution to these
challenges, bringing together Steve and Sallie’s farming
backgrounds to produce exceptional milk while supporting
Australian farmers.


The brand’s philosophy rests on
three fundamental pillars:
1. Ensuring that farmers are paid a fair price.
2. Tackling the stigma associated with mental health and
suicide prevention in rural areas.
3. Practising kindness, which they believe is the most
valuable attribute you can possess.

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Mobile Coffee Van, Yarraville, Victoria

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